What Google Guarantee Means for Your Digital Marketing

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Amanda Meadows January 23, 2019

What Google Guarantee Means for Your Digital Marketing

It all started with some shady locksmiths and plumbers scamming customers in San Francisco.

Homeowners searching for locksmiths or plumbers were directed to services that had paid for Google Ads and Google My Business listings. These services promised cheap or inexpensive rates. However, once they arrived at the job site, they immediately performed the most expensive solution instead of trying simpler, cheaper solutions first. The problem was fixed, but homeowners were slapped with a hefty bill instead of the cheap service they had expected.

In response, Google launched its Google Guarantee Program, a business verification process that thoroughly vets service-based businesses and refunds customers for unsatisfactory service. Google’s goal is to cut down on the number of fraudulent services that show up in Google ads and searches.

How it works

If you’re a business seeking Google Guarantee status, you must be licensed, insured, and undergo screening that includes a background check. Once you pass the screening process, your local business ad will appear at the top of Google searches for your service, along with a green checkmark indicating a Google Guaranteed business.

Here’s what it looks like in a Google search:

Screenshot of a google search for plumbers in the Greenville area that highlights the Google Guarantee.
Screenshot of the screen once you click on a Google Guarantee ad.

If a customer who schedules service through a Google Guarantee business ad is not satisfied with their service, they can submit a claim to Google within 30 days of the service completion. Google performs a thorough investigation, and if the service is found at fault, Google offers the customer a refund up to $2000. Note: This works only if the customer contacts the service through the Google Guarantee ad.

How it affects your business

So what does this mean for your business? Here are three main benefits:

1. You will be more visible in Google searches.
When a customer searches for a specific service in their area, the very first businesses that show up in the search will be those that are backed by the Google Guarantee. Unless your business has that green check mark, it will be buried under the business listings that do have the check mark.

2. You will have another way to track and communicate with leads.
Google Guaranteed advertisers can access their record of leads and follow up on leads with a smartphone or desktop app. When a lead calls you through the guaranteed service ad, you will hear a “Call from Google” message that alerts you to the source of the call. Your ad ranking increases as you respond to leads quickly and consistently.

3. Prospective customers will be confident booking your service.
Prospects may have never heard of your business, but they have heard of Google. Being Google Guaranteed aligns your business with the popular search engine that millions use and trust. If Google trusts your business enough to back each dissatisfied customer with up to a $2000 refund, customers will trust you to do the job right, even if they have no prior knowledge or experience with your business.

Getting started with Google Guarantee

Initially, the Google Guarantee verified only locksmiths and plumbers because those were the two most common service scams. Now a wider variety of services qualify to apply for the Google Guarantee badge, including tree services, landscaping, cleaning services, photographers, event planners, and car repair services (to name a few).

In order to apply for Google Guarantee, your service business must first be signed up for Google Local Services ads. Once that is in place, you can apply for Google Guarantee and go through their screening process. If your business earns that green badge, you will need to adjust your pay-per-click (PPC) budget.

Learn more about Google Guarantee here.


Over the years Google has proven their commitment to the customer over the advertiser. Google Guarantee takes that commitment to the next level by offering to back services with Google’s own dollars. Having the Google Guarantee backing your service-based business is just another digital marketing tool that helps you stand out from your competition. Need help getting started? We’re happy to help! Call Red Razor Marketing at (864) 207-4193 to see how we can help you earn that little green badge.