How To Write Better Social Media Ads

A female editing a photo on mobile phone while at a coffee house for a social media post.
Ben Maycock December 30, 2017

How To Write Better Social Media Ads


Many businesses have discovered the wonders of social media and begin immediately spending money on ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Often these efforts seem fruitless and the business owner is frustrated to find that he or she hasn’t been able to harness the power of social media for his or her business.

We run into business owners all the time who are in this situation and are frustrated with social media. They want to spend time running their business, not worrying about writing posts and ads. Sometimes they hand over the reins to a sales rep at a large national digital marketing corporation who promises hundreds of leads, but in a few months, they are back to square one. Whether you want to design your own social media ads or want to find a digital marketing company to handle social media for you, these steps can help you make a smart decision. Marketing Land has a list of 8 tips for better social media campaigns.

We’ve condensed them into 4 simple steps:
1. Be Genuine

Being authentic and honest is of utmost importance when writing social media ads and posts. Consumers value authenticity and can quickly sniff out manipulation and ulterior motives. This means you should always be upfront with your customers. Being genuine also means sharing your passion with your customers. Consumers love businesses that are passionate about their products!

2. Be Helpful

Being helpful is about sharing relevant and useful information with your clients. This could include tips, helpful articles, and availability to answer customers questions quickly through social media. We always recommend giving useful information more than you ask for new customers. When the time comes for asking for someone’s business, it makes the sell a lot easier.

3. Be Persistent

Don’t give up after a few posts. Build a strategy with consistent posting and messaging and stick to it!

4. Be Attentive

Listening to your customers will allow you to create messages that resonate better with them. This includes seeing what type of content your customers post, finding what brands your customers like, and seeing how those companies connect with your customer.

These steps will help you build better social media content. Using a marketing agency to handle your social media can be a good decision to get you on the right track. Ask the company what strategies they use to write content for your business. If handling your own social media excites you, then use these steps to get better results and build a plan. You can read the full article here for the full 8 steps.