Building Your Email List for Marketing

Man holding cell phone while working on a lap top at a coffee shop.
Amanda Meadows November 15, 2018

Building Your Email List for Marketing

“As a marketer, you should never tune out new ways to generate business leads. The moment you become complacent about your advertising is the moment your business starts dying.” (Josh Gershonowicz, Huffington Post contributor)

Email marketing continues to be a mainstay of digital marketing. Some companies have a site membership that requires a user to create a profile using their email address. But what if your business’s website doesn’t require users to create a profile and log in? How can you collect this valuable piece of contact information without coming across as pushy?

1. Free evaluation

Encourage customers to submit their email address in exchange for a free consultation or evaluation.

2. Newsletter

Encourage site visitors to sign up for a regular newsletter full of useful information and exclusive discounts.

3. Contest entry

Hold a contest or giveaway and use email collection as the entries.

4. Network

Next time you’re at a networking event or trade show, bring a signup list to collect email addresses of people you meet. Offer a discount or contest entry as an incentive.

5. Referral incentive

Ask current customers to refer a friend in exchange for a discount on a future product or service.

Whatever your strategy, customers should be able to connect your request for their email with direct value to themselves. As you build your email list, you increase the ways you can market your business and close sales.

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