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Man and woman in office setting pointing at a tablet screen.
Ben Maycock September 16, 2017
Why Your Company Should Invest In Branding

Today, many business owners focus on capturing leads for people searching directly for services. Business owners reason that targeting only current buyers saves money and generates better results than reaching uninterested people.

Google search on a mobile phone screen laying on a marble suface.
Ben Maycock August 25, 2017
Google’s New Chrome Ad Blocker–What Does It Mean for Advertisers?

Google has announced plans for the new Chrome ad blocker to be released in 2018. Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads, large sticky ads, flashing animated ads, and our least favorite of all: auto-play video ads.

Men and women sitting in a game room with VR head sets on.
Ben Maycock August 1, 2017
The Future of Digital Marketing: Augmented Reality Marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. Businesses fight for page position using search engine optimization (SEO), YouTube marketing, and social media marketing.

Three caution road signs side by side with blue skies as the background.
Ben Maycock July 7, 2017
7 Red Flags When Dealing With Marketing Companies

One common question I get from potential clients is how best to choose a marketing partner. After all, aren’t they all selling the same thing? The short answer is no.

Facebook graphic that reads 1 year into the 10 year plan.
Ben Maycock May 16, 2017
What will Facebook be like in 10 years?

Have you ever wondered what will happen to Facebook in 10 years? Some people wonder whether Facebook can maintain its meteoric rise in popularity worldwide and continue to stay relevant and popular for millennials in the United States.

Mobile phone with Youtube screen loading.
Ben Maycock December 8, 2016
Top 10 Youtube ads of November 2016 (Marketing Land)

Marketing Land released the top 10 YouTube ads of November 2016 and some of the results may be very surprising! The top spot lands with Clash of Clans Hog Rider and received over 29 million views on YouTube.