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Female smiling while typing on a laptop.
Amanda Meadows December 12, 2018
Retargeting, Remarketing—What’s the Difference?

Are remarketing and retargeting the same thing? You may see these terms used interchangeably sometimes, but they are actually two different strategies that seek to meet the same goal: closing a sale with a customer who has left your site before completing a call to action.

Three black darts and one red dart sitting on a wooden surface.
Amanda Meadows November 28, 2018
What Is Retargeting?

Consumers do not necessarily dislike ads—they dislike ads that are not relevant to them. So how can you get your ads to appear to the right people? How can you maximize your advertising budget and reach the audience that is looking for your product or service? This is where retargeting comes in.

Man holding cell phone while working on a lap top at a coffee shop.
Amanda Meadows November 15, 2018
Building Your Email List for Marketing

“As a marketer, you should never tune out new ways to generate business leads. The moment you become complacent about your advertising is the moment your business starts dying.” (Josh Gershonowicz, Huffington Post contributor)

Man clutching his face with a tired and overwhelmed expression staring at a computer screen.
Amanda Meadows September 7, 2018
6 Questions To Determine If You Need a New Website

Your website is your company’s chance for a good first impression with your customers. All they know about your brand and why your business exists is what they see on your website. However, when is building a new website a good business decision?

Laptop screen showing website design layout.
Ben Maycock June 14, 2018
4 Important Tips For Rebuilding Your Website

Websites are extremely important for business owners. Having an online presence not only creates a link between you and your customers but also creates a brand for your company. Building your website well from the beginning can help prevent the need to rebuild it in the future.

Google logo with varying rectangular shapes in the Google color scheme below.
Ben Maycock February 20, 2018
Google Image Search Change

Google announced they are making a change to the way users search for images. Previously, you could click on the “view image” button if you wanted to expand the image. However, Google has announced they are removing this feature and instead requiring you click on “visit,” ...