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Man clutching his face with a tired and overwhelmed expression staring at a computer screen.
Amanda Meadows September 7, 2018
6 Questions To Determine If You Need a New Website

Your website is your company’s chance for a good first impression with your customers. All they know about your brand and why your business exists is what they see on your website. However, when is building a new website a good business decision?

Laptop screen showing website design layout.
Ben Maycock June 14, 2018
4 Important Tips For Rebuilding Your Website

Websites are extremely important for business owners. Having an online presence not only creates a link between you and your customers but also creates a brand for your company. Building your website well from the beginning can help prevent the need to rebuild it in the future.

Google logo with varying rectangular shapes in the Google color scheme below.
Ben Maycock February 20, 2018
Google Image Search Change

Google announced they are making a change to the way users search for images. Previously, you could click on the “view image” button if you wanted to expand the image. However, Google has announced they are removing this feature and instead requiring you click on “visit,” ...

A female editing a photo on mobile phone while at a coffee house for a social media post.
Ben Maycock December 30, 2017
How To Write Better Social Media Ads

Frustrated? Many businesses have discovered the wonders of social media and begin immediately spending money on ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Often these efforts seem fruitless and the business owner is frustrated to find that he or she hasn’t been able to harness ...

Google search engine logo enlarged.
Ben Maycock October 26, 2017
Top 4 SEO Penalties You Need To Know About

Everyone asks how they can improve their Google ranking. However, often the question people should be asking is what not to do or what to remove from a website. We find that many clients are doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing and are in fact hurting their rankings.

Square icons of Pinterest, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger, hanging from strings in social media graphic.
Ben Maycock September 29, 2017
Big Targeting Changes For Facebook Marketing

Facebook announced another new way that will make advertising more effective for business owners. The new targeting method allows advertisers to reach users that have physically visited their store or made an in-store offline purchase.